Rick Sorrells

President & Chief Executive Officer
Specializing in growing businesses at large scale organizations, Rick is an advocate of structured and supportive work environments while leading from the front.

Derek Cunard

Chief People Officer
The guardian of corporate culture, he knows his people and their values. Derek utilizes a strategic approach to HR to enhance its ethics and long-term retention.

John Hornbeck

Chief Financial Officer
Offering extensive experience from financial management to business strategy, John partners with executives from all walks of life to accomplish company goals.

Carl Gardner

Corporate Sales Director
Charismatic, passionate, and energizing, Carl is the fire in our sales force. He knows the psychology of sales and loves the challenge.

Mike Burka

Vice President of Operations
Managing the business end of business, he shapes our service standards for all field operations nationwide with organizational prestige and leadership values.

Jason Hamilton

Regional Director of Operations
Currently managing the state of Florida, Jason leads dealership operations while enhancing Pinnacle’s culture through education, training, and client negotiations.

Alex Reyes

Director of Human Resources
Alex brings more than 10 years of human resources, recruiting and operations experience. His career focuses in HR; building processes to enhance personnel.

Greg Carrie

Regional Director of Operations
Currently managing the state of Georgia, Greg encourages confidence, stability and professionalism in one of Pinnacle’s fastest growing markets.

Jeff Lipman

Regional Director of Operations
Currently managing the state of Maryland, Jeff manages his team with warmth and helps close new accounts while retaining existing ones.

Corwin McCormick

Regional Director of Operations
Currently managing the states of Texas and Oklahoma, Corwin’s professionalism and responsiveness make him a uniquely formidable asset to our management.

Veronica Rockey

District Manager - Oklahoma Area
Pinnacle's Oklahoma district manager, Veronica's extensive experience allows her to lead from the front and make meaningful relationships with clients and employees alike.

Carlos Amado-Blanco

District Manager - South Florida
Personable and proficient, Carlos is a dynamic leader who inspires his team to excellence. He favors proactivity through preemptive strategy.

Michael Preetorius

District Manager - Texas
Technical and responsive, Michael manages his district with compassion and teamwork while advocating the Pinnacle philosophy.

Mike Norman

District Manager - Georgia
Mike Norman is Pinnacle's Georgia district manager. Mike started as a operations manager at two locations simultaneously, Infiniti and Subaru of Gwinnett. Client communication and negotiation are among Mike's fortes. He has extensive experience managing multiple site's success while meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Randy Santellana

Senior Recruiter
Managers / Leadership

Our most seasoned recruiter, Randy’s dynamic skill set includes everything from managerial recruiting to media design. Focused on company culture, he advocates for prospective employees throughout the hiring process.

Emily Hussin

HR & People Operations Generalist

Emily effortlessly manages a variety of jobs from corporate events, onboarding, recruiting, and more. Approachable and kind, she’s one of Pinnacle’s most adaptable individuals. A team player, she's here to offer support to our prospects and existing field operations.

Erica Fielding

Regional Recruiter
Texas / Oklahoma

As a military veteran, Erica is no stranger to challenge and adversity. Disciplined and professional, she’s one of Pinnacle’s top recruiters and successfully staffs the Texas and the Oklahoma region of Pinnacle clientele.

Jonathan Bing

Regional Recruiter
Georgia / Virginia / Maryland

Warm and genuine, Jonathan recruits and trains prospects during the on-boarding process. As a recruiter for the state of Georgia and South Carolina, he successfully staffs start-up and preexisting dealership accounts.

Brittany Hipple

Regional Recruiter

With over five years of recruiting experience, Brittany brings applicants to their next career in the Florida market! With her eye for great talent and warm personality, she helps bring new people into their next automotive career!