Just the Beginning!

The Pinnacle-Universal Merger Last week, I asked everyone to imagine being part of something special, something different, and something bigger. I introduced our goal of $120m by 2020! Well, in addition to good organic growth, I hinted that this would … Read More

Just Imagine

“As your leader, I will work hard to help you visualize what the future…” Pinnacle has a growth strategy that will take us from a little known $20m company with 50 Dealerships and 1000 teammates to a $120m company with … Read More

Dirt Roads

Usually you got a dollar…always you got a new friend… at the end of a Dirt Road. This story provides a great message about the power of simplicity and in dealing with some of life’s challenges. Dirt Roads What’s mainly … Read More

Make Tacos Better

We don’t make tacos, but the concept is the same. Welcome to 2018. For Pinnacle Nation, we are primed for an exciting, great year. I stole this week’s material from our World Class Sales Director, Carl Gardner. MAKE BETTER TACOS? … Read More

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