Your Automotive Career Awaits!


Need a job? Maybe you’d like something more permanent. Better yet, what if you could get a job that grows into your automotive career?

Enter Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality, we specialize in automotive careers and the talented individuals that fill them. We invest in our people to be simply the best. No other company can compare themselves to our comprehensive “people-supporting” approach. Recruit, hire, train, and deploy; this is the motto of our performance. Do you have what it takes? Discover how automotive careers can improve your life and grow your opportunities from working on a service drive to managing the entire region’s success.

Explore your Pinnacle career path!

Service Team

Pinnacle’s service team positions include a wide variety of positions like:

  • Dealership Valets / Service Ambassadors
  • Car Wash Attendants
  • Greeters
  • Shuttle Drivers
  • Parts Drivers
  • Concierge Drivers
  • Parts Drivers
  • Fleet Inspectors
  • Customer Service Reps.
  • BDC Agents
  • Automotive Detailers
  • Loaner Car Representatives
  • and many more!

At Pinnacle, we’re focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience from the moment their door opens on the service drive. Our automotive careers have positions available in different fields that call for varying levels of expertise. Even if you haven’t worked for a dealership, our training programs and faceted service philosophy guide newcomers. Our goal is to make our clients more profitable by delivering services that enhance dealership metrics like CSI, CSE, and SSI. Our employees help dealership customers to make purchases faster and get people to where they need to be. These actions increase ROs, improve car sales, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.


The first line of Pinnacle’s leadership.

As a Supervisor, you’re Pinnacle’s on-site leader that reports to the Operations Manager. The Supervisor is the first leader the service team can rely on for support. Supervisors help recruit, hire, train, and deploy new and current team members. As a member of management, the Supervisor assists the Operations Manager, works with scheduling and interacts directly with the dealership’s staff. This is the first step towards management during your automotive career !

Operations Manager

You’re the onsite leader for a dealership, inspire your team to deliver incredible customer service and support.

As an operations manager, you’re the on-site leader! Operations Managers focus on hiring, developing, and training new and current staff to ensure safety and high quality customer service. You’ll meet with dealership management to provide weekly updates and to ensure good communication between us and the client. You’ll manage schedules and help promote a healthy work-life balance. Operations Managers attend fundamentals training on a quarterly basis to help grow automotive careers and offer updates on performance, culture, and safety.