Message from Rick Sorrells


As part of the ongoing effort to position Pinnacle as more than a Staffing Company and, instead, a Labor, Logistics, and Technology Services company that can partner with the Dealership to drive results that have a direct impact on Dealer Revenue, Profit, and CSI. To accomplish this, all of our leaders are going to have to raise their game and knowledge about terms and metrics used in the Dealership. One that I want to come back to is Revenue per Units in Operation. I’d like everyone to re-read this article and think about ways that you can weave this into your discussions with Prospects and Customers. When you do this, I think you might surprise a few people about your knowledge of the business.

This metric really goes hand in hand with the message of “Bringing Customers Back”. It lets us talk about one of the shifts in automotive which is moving away from Service Absorption to Revenue per Units in Operation. The calculation looks back at what % of cars they have sold in the last 6 years actually service their car at the dealership. The number has fallen each year for most dealerships. This shift is forcing Dealerships to recognize the need to raise their bar and add services in order to get these customers coming back to the dealership. This lets us talk about Pinnacle’s ability to staff these positions, strong, focused onsite leadership, our ability to attract higher quality people, our focus on adding technology and services like PDL, etc.. These are all examples of things that bring lost customers back to the dealership and reverses a trend in (RUIO).

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